How More Beautiful You Are

The Semaphore Collection Book 3

How More Beautiful You Are
by Samuel Peralta

With these love poems, infused with longing and sensuality, How More Beautiful You Are presents some of the most personal and earthy verses from award-winning author Samuel Peralta.

In this celebration, Peralta navigates the vagaries of the heart, taking us with him on a journey from youthful uncertainty to tremulous passion, from unabashed eroticism to enduring relationships.

As with his other works – Sonata Vampirica, Sonnets from the Labrador – Peralta shows his skill in merging classical structure with re-invented metaphor: sonnets and space-time, couplets and chaos theory.

But through it all, How More Beautiful You Are begins and ends with love, charged with an intense romanticism that will inspire lovers, readers, and poets.