Sonata Vampirica

The Semaphore Collection Book 1

Sonata Vampirica
by Samuel Peralta

Sonata Vampirica traces the final days in a vampiric liaison – from desire to perdition. A narrative in verse, each chapter alternates perspective between the fiend and his victim, and marks a return to the essential horror at the heart of vampire lore.

Evoking equal parts Anne Rice, Dante Alighieri, Stephen King, and Gerard Manley Hopkins, the narrative finds in the allure of the vampire a metaphor for the reality of violent relationships, and within that framework explodes the myth in all its sensuality and brutality.

Sonata Vampirica has been hailed a landmark work in the new media literary renaissance. Conceived by award-winning author Samuel Peralta, the cycle was serialized on Twitter and Google’s Blogspot over the course of three months, to online acclaim.

Classical in approach, innovative in thematic ambition, Sonata Vampirica is a tour-de-force, a re-invention of the genre, an imaginative discourse on the extremes of love, the horror of abusive relationships, and the struggle for redemption.